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Investing with Inspire Advisors

First, Set Your Goals

First, Set Your Goals

One of our Inspire Advisors will help you figure out your investing time horizons and risk tolerance. We will build a custom investment allocation of stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities; designed to meet your future goals. We will explain our strategy to limit investment risk and maximize your returns, as well as our process for finding the most inspiring Biblically aligned companies to invest in and support.

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Second, Align Your Investments

Second, Align Your Investments

Once your investment allocation is set, based on your goals and time horizons; our team will work with you to create the paperwork to setup your new accounts (Trust, Joint, IRA, Roth etc.) with one of our preferred account custodians. We will also create the paperwork to transfer your existing investments to your newly setup accounts. Once transferred, we will buy/sell your current investments to align with your new investment allocation targets. And we always keep costs and taxes in mind while completing any transfers!

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Third, Track Your Progress

Third, Track Your Progress

One of our Inspire Advisors will meet with you between one and three times per year depending on the amount you have invested. We will review your time horizons and adjust your investment allocation according to your goals. Behind the scenes, our team will actively monitor your investment allocation, rebalance your holdings, and re-position your investments as needed. Our goal is to help you reach your future spending and giving goals while minimizing your portfolio volatility and guiding you through whatever the markets may throw at us. 

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Better is a little with righteousness than great gain with injustice.

Proverbs 16:8

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